Our Team


Nick Smith


Becca Jones




Master cuddler and comic relief. She came to us at the end of the 2016 season, so this year will be her first year as a true farm dog. 


The ladies

Our crew of about 30 laying hens provide us with great pleasure and distraction from the fields. They fuel our mornings with their delicious eggs. 


Pest control (or so we hoped). In reality, he's just here for the cuddles. You can find him basking in the catnip patch on most sunny days. 

Our Story 

Becca grew up in a small town in Massachusetts, far away from anything resembling a farm. Her Canadian citizenship brought her to Halifax, Nova Scotia for university, where she attended Dalhousie. She received a degree in History & Sociology and Social Anthropology, but after working just one year in an ‘office job’, she knew this was not the lifestyle for her. Her love of travel and adventure brought her out to Northern B.C where she spent a season as a tree planter. And that’s where she met Nick…

Nick grew up on a beef farm in Shinimicas, Nova Scotia where he could be found in rubber boots from a very young age.  His heart has always been in the farming world. After school, he went to work at the salt mine in Pugwash, where he still works as an underground miner. During a seasonal lay-off from the mine, Nick took the experience to go out west and plant trees. 

After our season of tree planting together, we spent almost a year traveling across North America. During this adventure, we volunteered on farms in the Yukon, British Columbia and Ontario. We knew that when we got back home, we would start a farm of our own.

In the summer of 2013, Good Thyme Farm was born. Nicks family helped us get started by allowing us to use a piece of their land to farm on. For four years, we built up our business and got some experience under our belts. We have now purchased our own farm in Amherst Shore, Nova Scotia, where we will continue growing organic vegetables. The summer of 2017 will be our first season farming on this land.

You can find our produce at the Pugwash Farmers Market, our roadside farm stand, and a few local shops and restaurants. We encourage you to think about where your food is coming from. Meet the folks who are growing your food and feel more connected to the food you eat!